Seminar on 'Overcoming exam fear'

 A session on Overcoming Exam Fear was organised for the students of STD XII of Don Bosco Jr. College, Pune on 21st July, 2017 in the Don Bosco Hall.   Prof. Madan Rao, the Principal of Atomic Energy Education Society, Mumbai conducted the session. Tr. Sarita Patki introduced the speaker for the day.

Prof. Madan Rao gave 15 Tips to manage exam stress viz. To be clam, planning the study schedule, taking disciplined actions, exercising for concentration, avoiding distractions, taking rest, focusing on health and food, having positive attitude, being confident, making commitments, listening to music, giving priority to difficult subject first, to be away from rebuttal people, taking advices from parents and other elders and selection of place for studies. He brought humour and fun in his explanation along with some examples like copper (cu) and telinium (te) = cute which is easy for the students to remember the chemical formulas.

He also invited the students and the teachers to visit the Homi Baba Atomic Research Centre Nuclear Plant where students could be explained the career opportunities in the field of atomic energy and explore their talents and skills. The session was indeed an eye opener as students could introspect within themselves and explore their potentialities.

Tr. Pearl Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks and offered a sapling  and Sir Samudra presented a token to Prof.Madan Rao as a sign  of love and  appreciation.