XII Science A Morning Assembly

XII science A put up their class assembly on  topic  Aspect of Holiness – Love and Tolerance on   Wednesday 25th July, 2018.

 The class put up a play called “Coming Home “ – a modern adaptation of the Biblical parable -  The prodigal son. Here the class tried to give the message that Holiness is not just being pure. However Holiness means being pure, pure in body and in soul. Holiness means Love. Holiness means being Tolerant which in turn means ready to Forgive and ready to adjust and live with one another irrespective of our differences.

The play portrays these same sentiments. It is about a son  who moves away from his holiness and from his family. But in the end realizes his mistake, repents and decides to go back to his father and ask for his forgiveness. The father forgives him and takes him back in the family.

The highlights of the play are :- The devil dance depicting temptation, The repentance   hymn - Here I am  and finally the forgiveness hymn – Father your call I’ve slighted.

The play ended with the class teacher Tr. Sarita Patki’s message and a concluding hymn also giving a message by Tr. Blossom Lobo, called Go forth Caravan. The Assembly was indeed a meaningful one!