Saffron turbans adorning the forehead of the male staff, green dupattas donned by the ladies, such was the picture of Don Bosco High School, Pune while they entered into the 71st year of independent India.

    No doubt, National festivals bring unity among people.  Forgetting all their differences, people celebrate the tiranga and wish one another.  When the Chief Guest, the Rector Fr. Michael Bansode, proudly hoisted the National Flag, the entire school and college saluted the tri-colour.

    The program began with an inspiring Independence Day speech by Sai Sonawane of class 8th.  Tr. Ranraj Kaur from the Jr. College melodiously rendered “Ae mere watan ke logon...” evoking sentiments towards the Indian soldiers.  The budding flutists of std 7 then played the National Anthem.  

    Class 8th A through their skit portrayed the contrasting  picture of our Nation and left the audience thinking whether we are truly free.  Nayan Rathod, a student of std 12th Sci said, “It was so mesmerising.  For an instance I felt I am actually in the era of Independence. My eyes were welled up.”

    Equally spectacular was the theme dance depicting the executions of our freedom fighters  by our students ably choreographed by dance master Chetan.   Everybody in the audience cheered the girls performing difficult stunts, robotics and forming complicated pyramids.  

The Chief Guest Fr. Michael in his concluding speech said, “Most of the things that we have seen today are under the title of sacrifice that speaks well about our freedom struggle as well.  Independence being the fundamental right of every nation calls for use of it in the right spirit.  We need to emulate Mahatma Gandhi  as our role model.  We need to uphold the spirit of secularism and respect the preamble of our constition.”

    The parents and past pupils who joined the program also left with hearts full of patriotic feelings. In conclusion the Principal Fr. Bosco D’Mello presented the vote of thanks.