The Secondary Section of Don Bosco High School, Pune, organised their first ever Bosco Kala Utsav on the 18th of August, 2017, giving an opportunity to 840 boys and girls from grade 5 to grade 10 to hone and exhibit their talents in Arts, Fine-Arts, Languages and literature.

32 experienced people from various backgrounds were invited to judge various competitions that were to be held on that day.  Mrs. Sandhya Jadhav, Principal of Appasaheb Jadhav School said,  “We are invited here as judges but believe me we are feeling honoured to witness such a wonderful talent on display, everything is so well organised and each student is involved in some activity or competition.”

The day was divided into 3 different parts and 3 different zones namely, Hall, College basement and School 1st floor.  The 1st zone had fine arts and fun games,  2nd  zone had language and literature based competitions and 3rd zone was arts zone.   

The first session started at 8:15am till 9:45am which had minute to win it and singing competitions for the 7th and 8th.  At the same time std 9th and 10th had English, Marathi and Hindi elocutions  happening in the 2nd zone and the 5th and 6th were using their artistic skills to make book marks, sandwiches, rakhees, 3D-greeting cards and painting t-shirts.  The 3 groups were then rotated in three zones so that all of them participate in 1 art competition and one fine art or language based competition.  The students had 15art competition and 19 language, literature and fine-arts based competitions to choose from.

In all 110 individual certificates and 142 certificates for group activities were given to the winners.  Felix Michael and Cixen Ohal of std. 10 who participated in Mock-Rock and received prizes for being Best Drummer and Best Entertainer said, “Since we have learning difficulties, it is very difficult for us to participate in any non-sport activity.  This is our first prize, ours mothers will be happy to see this.”

The program In-charge Tr. Mehtab Shinde with her coordinating committee consisting of  Tr. Vineeta Jadhav, Tr. Victoria Dias and Tr. Shilpa Shelar oversaw the efforts of all the teachers who took up various responsibilities and worked together as a well oiled engine.