The International Olympic Day was celebrated in The Don Bosco Junior  College on the 23rd of June, 2017. On this occasion eminent guests          Mr. Prakash -  Swimming Coach, Mr. Sagar –  Hockey Coach,  Mr. Sunil –  Swimming Coach,  Mr. Sunil Chhetri –  Gymnastic Coach were invited. The coaches who are specialized in various sports addressed the students on the importance of sports in our lives.

                        These guests were players who represented India in the Olympic games and are also coaches to the Indian team. Miss Simran Tadke from  XII Sci. A  shared in brief the importance and information of Olympic games and how it came into existence.

                        The guests enlightened the students on the need of sports. They gave examples of struggle from their own life experiences and cited how they are now successful in life. One of the coaches  Mr. Sagar , the Hockey Coach also said that today sports has a career, and it can give us money, name and fame and everything.

                        All these Coaches are well known personalities today and they concentrate on training children and youth, so that they bring honour to our Country with their sport.These dignitaries were honored with a rose and a coconut by the faculty heads, as a token of love and appreciation to them.

                        The organizer of this function was Sir Rajesh and it was a pleasure listening to him, as rightly put in by Sir Leo , Supervisor of The Junior College.

                        The vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Pranali, the Sports Teacher. Thus the programme ended on a joyful and promising note.