The International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Don Bosco Jr. College on June 21, 2017. Four guests were invited from the Art of Living team (Mr. Suhas Honarao, Ms. Harshita Sharma, Mr. Omkar and Mr. Prashant) who volunteered to conduct a session on yoga for all the students from school and Jr. College.

The Session started with a breathing exercise by chanting “OM”, which was continued by some warm up exercises. The session was divided into three parts Aasans, Pranayam and Meditation.

All the students actively participated in all the exercises as instructed by the guides. Students were enthusiastic in performing all the aasans.

The session ended on a lovely note with the guides encouraging the students to continue doing yoga everyday for mental and physical fitness.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Sir. Leo, who thanked the team on behalf of the entire school and college and he also thanked Tr. Vineeta Sharma for organising the session.