SCHOOL HALL, 14TH JUNE, 2017:  Principal Fr. Bosco D'mello conducted a seminar on work culture for the teachers from the Pre-Primary to the college.  the seminar was very interactive and interospective.  

           Father began with asking the teachers to define WORK and to reason out whether they enjoy their work in school.  Father mentioned the 5 important aspects of a work place and they are: BOSS, COLLEAGUES, JOB, STAKEHOLDERS AND INSTITUTION.  The seminar gradually drifted to the deeper aspects of a positive work culture with a discussion over the professional ethics and its features. Father then elaboratd the 6 pillars of work ethic and said "if you follow these work ethics religiously then the five elements of a work place would be taken care."

            The next part of the session focussed on the positive and negative forces that affect a teacher's performance.  This session was open for the teachers to mention as to what could be the possible positive forces that bring the best out them and what are the hurdles that prevent them from giving their best.

             Finally, the session closed with a few open ended questios for the teachers to interospect and find answers for the same.  One of those was, WHAT INSPIRES ME TO GO TO WORK DAILY?